Winners of 2014

Our 2014 Winners are:

1. SHARE & SHARE ALIKEThomson Brand Partners
BRIEF: Bring a new, free community music sharing service to market.
MESSAGE: With the demise of many high street music outlets artists are looking for new ways to showcase and promote their creations. Many turn to the popular platforms like MySpace, Bandcamp and SoundCloud. Your job is to come up with a name, develop the brand and promote a service that offers something new to both the community and the artists and really stands out amongst the competition.
OUTPUT: Name it. Brand it. Showcase it. Use any channel you see fit to best communicate your idea.

Daniel Horsfall from UCLAN


BRIEF: We all like to think of ourselves as global citizens, but Britain is still a nation of language barbarians. Fewer than one in ten British workers are able to speak a foreign language. Inspire monolingual young adults to commit to learning a second language.
MESSAGE: Learning a second language may be difficult, but the personal and professional rewards are more than worth it.
OUTPUT: Concept and brand a language learning product or service that goes beyond the standard audio lessons and evening classes. Consider weird and wonderful solutions.

Uzma Padia & Jasmine Smythe from UCLAN

BRIEF: Find the big idea to rebrand and promote local libraries.
MESSAGE: When we need to search for something, we generally go online and Google it. This, along with cuts in public spending, has resulted in a steady decline in the number of local libraries throughout Britain’s towns and cities. Your task is to persuade the public that local libraries are an important part of a community and offer a host of benefits for people of all ages, encouraging more people to visit more often.
OUTPUT: A campaignable brand identity that gets noticed using whatever medium is most effective.

James Belkevitz & Ross Reaney from Napier University


4. TIME TRAVEL – The Chase
BRIEF: Just imagine being able to travel back in time! Time Travel package holidays allow you to do just that. You pick the year and travel back to experience whatever you want: Woodstock, the first ever Olympics, the first Viking invasion, the fall of the Roman Empire. You can go as far back as you want. Of course you can’t change history, only travel and see. But how do you sell it?
MESSAGE: Time travel holidays are here. Book now. Book then.
OUTPUT: You can name it. Brand it. Sell it. Use any media you feel appropriate. A website, an app, short film, any promotional material, print or digital.

Robyn Bowman & Natasha Wellon from Gloucestershire University

5. TAKE THE LEAD - Vivid
BRIEF: After a lot of press regarding the issue of dangerous dogs, create a campaign to persuade and question dog owners and the general public about being more safety aware around dogs, as a small few are giving our well behaved pooches a bad name!
MESSAGE: Secure dogs in public places and be aware of others – let dogs be everyone’s best friend!
OUTPUT: Any medium is acceptable - use an integrated approach.

Yme Gorter & Lev Derjabin from Napier University

6. IRREVERANCE – Like a River
BRIEF: Recruit young multi-faith ambassadors.
MESSAGE: Their task is to understand all faiths and be an ambassador for a modern NEW all faith religion.
OUTPUT: Name it, Brand it. Spread the word.

No Winners yet – all students have been invited to interview with the agency. Please get in contact if you entered Brief 6.

7. CATS & DOGS - Uniform
BRIEF: Brand a weather condition.
THE MESSAGE: People love to moan about the weather – this brief is all about changing perceptions. Find the positive and promote it. Put a spin on a tornado, or make the rain shine!
OUTPUT: Brand and campaign to promote a weather condition / natural disaster, output can be anything; poster, outdoor, tv, radio, direct mail, guerilla etc…

Joe Haworth & Michael Hindle from UCLAN

8. WALL OF DEATH - Dinosaur
Coming to a city near you for one week only and we need volunteers. Can you come up with an integrated communications campaign to convince members of the public to risk their life in search of the ultimate thrill?

Jordan Pass from Staffordshire University

BRIEF: A pothole epidemic is putting cyclists’ lives at risk and is to blame for three deaths this year alone. 1,000’s of bikers a year have been injured as well as thousands of pounds worth of damage to cycles. Local councils have a duty to maintain the roads, but they can only fill a pothole if they know about it. If you want it repaired, you have to report it.
FillThatHole is the easy way to report potholes and road defects, it’s a website run by the CTC, The National Cycling Charity. They contact the right people to get the roads repaired. Councils are generally quick to respond – we know because you’ve told us.
MESSAGE: Create a campaign that promotes this website, gets cyclists to report potholes, leading to holes being filled and therefore saving lives and preventing injuries to cyclists.
OUTPUT: Any medium that’s appropriate to the target audience.

Jamie Stewart from Dundee University